Village “Priežavoti”

At the end of 2007 we offered to buy two-store residential houses in a quiet and sun-flooded forest, the newly established village “Priežavoti” located 0.4 km from the Tallinn ring road or 2 km from Salaspils. Village “Priežavoti” – consist from 270 building plots which are built up in several layers.
The first round-13 homes with all utilities already put into operation in early 2008.

Currently available project houses available for sale, building land: mājas un zemes gabali apbūvei. For sale are houses  and building land, from which you can choose your favorite sites and projects “Priežavoti”  village, Bajāri, Salaspils parish, Salaspils county. Homes are being put into operation with a gray or white finishing and a full exterior. Houses have the following communication-gas, electricity, water supply and sewerage. In the territory of village is supposed to create three landscape ponds. In spring 2008 the first pond was created, which complements the village landscape.

“Priežavoti”  village location

Priežavotu atrašanās vieta Priežavotu atrašanās vieta