About Us

“Priežavoti” Ltd was founded on October 13, 1999.
Ltd “Priežavoti” operates in sectors – production of lumber and construction of private houses in its villages of New Projects.
“Priežavoti” Ltd has been producing for the domestic market and exporting since 1999 a wide range of coniferous assortment lumber – green, dried and planed, as well chips and shavings.
“Priežavoti” Ltd started development in the construction sector in 2003 and developed a new private house project in Marupe. Starting from 2006 developing a new project of private house village “Priežavoti” in Salaspils with 270 building blocks in a quiet, sun-lit enclosed forest in Bajari district, Salaspils civil parish.
If you need to purchase lumber or looking for housing, then visit us!